Calibration standards

 標準樣品 襲球



Tin on carbon - universal resolution specimen



This tin on carbon test specimen has a very wide size range of tin

spheres which give high contrast when imaged in the SEM. The

largest spheres canbe used for basic column alignment at low

magnification; intermediate sizedspheres are useful for monitoring

image shift when changing operatingparameters or resolution

checking at low kV; and the smallest spheres can be used for

resolution checking and astigmatism correction at the very highest 

 標準樣品 金顆粒

 Gold on carbon - resolution test specimen

This specimen has a particle size range from approximately 5 - 150nm.

Eachspecimen has a square grid pattern with large crystals in the centre

of each grid square and very fine crystals at the edges of each grid

(as illustrated). Medium and high resolution point separation tests may

be performed on the same specimen. In addition, the larger crystals show

facets which allow an assessment of the grey level reproduction available

at high resolution.