XL Accessories


 Standard Sample Holder

The Standard Sample Holder for the Phenom XL desktop SEM is

the compact stage allowing analysis of samples of up to

100 mm x 100 mm.In spite of this much larger sample size,

a proprietary loading shuttle keeps the vent/load cycle to a 

minimum, which in practice enables a throughput

that is a few factors higher than any comparable SEM system.


 Tensile Sample Holder

Tensile testing is a way of determining how materials will react

when they are pulled apart or pushed together - when a tension

force is applied.Tensile testing is one of the simplest and most

widely used mechanicaltests. By measuring the force required

to elongate a specimen tobreaking point, material properties can

be determined that will allowdesigners and quality managers to

predict how materials and productswill behave in their intended



 Eucentric Sample Holder

n many SEM applications, a user can gain more insight into sample

properties if the sample can be tilted and rotated. The Eucentric

Sample Holder for the Phenom XL has been specifically developed

with that in mind. The holder contains a sub-stage that allows users

to easily and safely look at a sample from all sides. 



 Filter Inserts

Filter paper samples which are often used for filter residue analysis

and asbestos analysis must be mounted firmly and flat into the SEM

system for correct analysis. As filter paper is a delicate sample

material,mounting these samples without the use of an insert can

lead to folding and damaged samples. The use of traditional, often

highly sticky, carbon tape prevents the sample to be re-used for

future analysis. The filter insertfor the Phenom XL is available in two

modelswhich support 47mm (1.85”) and 25mm (1”) filters, which

means the Phenom XL can accommodate the most common filter

paper sizes.


 Resin mount inserts

The resin mount inserts offer a few specific advantages. Sample

clamping is very straight forward and all samples will have the

same working distance which is very useful when performing X-ray

(EDS) analysis.