SPICER Magnetic Field Cancelling System

Which Cancelling System is for you?

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Spicer 1

Combining the measurements and analysis of magnetic fields, vibrations and acoustics into one compact, easy to operate system, Spicer Consulting's SC11 is the simplest way to gain accurate usable data from site surveys for SEMs and similar sensitive equipment.

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Spicer Consulting field cancelling systems can stabilise the ambient magnetic field to restore the resolution and accuracy of an electron beam tool.

Discover our range of  f ield cancelling systems, including the latest SC24 , SC22 and SC26 .


With over 10 years of combined experience providing practical expertise in SEM and e-beam tools, we provide a wide range of consulting services. 

From installation support, through to the modelling of magnetic fields for a custom installation, we have the expertise to help you.