FEI Tecnai F30 S/TEM

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This remanufactured TEM microscope has been rebuilt to the original OEM specifications and comes complete with a Schottky emitter that operates at 300 KV max, though it also functionals effortlessly at lower KVs.

The FEI Tecnai F30 S/TEM is equipped with:

  • Gatan Tridiem GIF and EELS
  • Biprism and Lorentz lens
  • Holography package, including holder
  • Single and double tilt holders

Interested in this instrument? The S-TWIN lens TEM is ready for demonstration or shipment now!

Install and custom configuration available, including alternate cameras. TSS also offers this scope with a new Gatan Cryo package (ask for details!).

Inquire for more information and be sure to ask about our TSS transmission electron microscope repair services as well.